Macau’s Pork Sandwich a.k.a. Porkchop Burger

I finally got the courage to post this one. I was hesitant in posting this because this didn’t really happen in Cebu. But a good friend told me that it would be okay because I’m still a Cebuana and so there would still be a connection. Hahaha! I finally took his advice and so now here it is.

This was the second meal I had that day and I think it was Vet’s first. We haven’t even had our baths yet because the hotel was still not prepared to check us in. So what we did was leave our bags at their front desk and roamed around the city, started snapping some pictures, and hunted for food because we were undeniably hungry. Oh yeah, did I mention this was in Macau? Yes, these pictures were taken during our short trip to Macau last Christmas. While we were wandering, awestruck by the beauty of the city, we saw this little shop near Senado Square. A crowd of people were standing in front of it and naturally we were curious as to why they were there. Then we discovered that they were selling some kind of burger and some tasty-looking shakes. Vet and I immediately scanned their menu and found that the people there were buying “Pork Sandwiches”. Vet and I looked at each other then and smiled. We were tickled by the idea, and since we were already hungry, we thought we’d try them. And so here they are. I was the designated photographer, so understandably Vet was the muse. Hehehe! Here it is, our “Pork Sandwich”! (which were really porkchops in between burger buns… we were even more amused when the seller handed us our “sandwiches”)

Vet’s Pork Sandwich [Rating: 9/10] Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish mine because these things were huge! LOL!

Vet with her Chocolate drink and Pork Sandwich

My Cold Green Tea [Rating: 5/10…it was tolerable at first but when I had my fifth sip, I couldn’t take it anymore and so I imitated Vet and bought my own Chocolate shake] and a closer look to Vet’s Chocolate drink

Bom apetite!


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