Kalye 80

I’ve been planning to post this for weeks, but I could never seem to find the time or worse, I forget it entirely. *sigh. The consequence? Now I can’t remember most of the names of these dishes. Blame my seemingly frequent bouts of amnesia. Oh well. I will try my best to recall the names and my tastebuds’ responses to each of them. Wish me luck!

By the way, we had this dinner a day after we finished our South Road trip. It appeared that we had money left from the trip and so the group decided to have dinner together as one last “hurrah” to our allegedly successful SRT. *LOL! Ley suggested we have the dinner at this little place that was part of the “slingbag shift’s” short history. (That’s what we used to call our group before at the office.*Sigh. Freakily nostalgic.)

The group actually has an anecdote about this place, but let’s discuss that another time. Or better yet, I could ask Ley to write about it in his blog. What do say, Ley? πŸ™‚ For now I’ll just try to recall that night, the food we ate, and the tummy ache I’m sure I had after. Hahaha! All right, here it goes…

Kalye 80 (Do you notice the stariray lizard below the sign? I didn’t notice him when I took this picture. I thought it was freaky when I finally noticed him.)

My Drink…I really forgot the name of this stuff ..Sorry! But I do remember that this was really yummy.

Vet’s Mango Juice

The food that I will try very hard to remember. . . I’m really sorry about this. I’ve been neglecting my posts. So sorry!!! 😦 Huhuhu!

Chopsuey [It was okay… I think]

Kalye 80’s Chicken Halang2x [It had shrimp so I didn’t try it. Shrimp and chicken are not really friendly on my snobby skin.]

I think this one is called Patatim [This one was okay, too]

Now this I do remember… Fried Rice [Rating: 9/10]

I remember this, too! Calamari [Rating: 8/10]

Pancit Canton [Rating:7/10]

Fried Chicken … Cel’s special order [Cel’s rating: 9/10]

Panga …I can’t remember what fish, but I assume this is tuna [I can’t remember what this tasted like… Sorry! But if this really sucked, I would’ve remembered it. c”,)]

Sisig [Rating: 8/10]

Trying to entertain ourselves while we wait for our food

Dennis, Cel, and Lex

Vet and Jenny

Erin, Sean, and Ley

Jenny and moi

A snap of the sign that can be seen on their menu

Erin and Sean singing their hearts out.

The SRT gang

We came hungry and went home with our stomachs achingly full. So yeah, it was good!



7 thoughts on “Kalye 80

  1. vetlongwalks says:

    Kalye 80’s can be found at Rahmann St.. the street where UCPB Mango is located [crossing near USC boy’s high]. enter that street and straight ahead you’ll find the resto. you’ll pass by the old Abines Bus garage and the Four Square Church


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