Lai Garden Teahouse

This post is way beyond late. One of the most tardy posts…ever! Hahaha! My bad, I was preoccupied with work and a lot of other things at home. At first I just intentionally delayed it, then I forgot about it completely. I didn’t remember this one until I rummaged through my crammed hard drive. Oh, well. Anyway, we had this dinner after we covered Argao 400 in Argao, Cebu on February 09. When we got back to Cebu City, our tummies protested and so we decided to eat dinner before going home. The nearest place we could find was SM City, and so we went inside and argued over which place should get our last pesos for the day. As I’ve always been curious about “that Chinese/Japanese-looking place near Powerbooks”, I convinced Ley and Jenny to hazard being poverty-stricken in the coming days in exchange for allegedly good food. I actually don’t know which convinced them, my powers of persuasion or their growling stomachs. Nevertheless, we went to the place and discovered that it is a Chinese teahouse, and so that settled the argument over it being a Chinese or Japanese place.

I cannot really accurately remember anymore all of the names of the food we ordered. Blame my tardiness and seeming senility. Well, I do remember we went inside the place and settled on the first empty place we spied. Our feet were aching like hell that we would have gladly settled on any empty space. As soon as we sat down, a waiter handed us some menus and “Walah!” Ley’s penchant for “jinxed ordering” kicked in. Hahaha!

Ley’s Lemon Chicken [Rating: 7/10] He said it tasted weird, and I said it smelled like a car air freshener. Then the “Banana Fanna” incident popped into his head. LOL! (I’ll make a separate entry about that in the future.) It looks good though, doesn’t it?

Nido Soup [Rating: 10/10] Really yummy!
Fried Rice [Rating: 10/10] This was one of the reasons I had a tummy ache that night… It was so yummy that I ate too much of it. Hehehe!
Pancit Canton [Rating: 10/10] Another reason for the tummy ache!
Jenny’s Pork Dish [Rating: 9/10] I can’t remember the accurate name for this one. Sorry! Jenny was trying to be safe with this one. I guess it was a good idea since Ley already started the ball rolling with the bad luck.
Ley, asking the Goddess of Fortune for a little pity. Unfortunately, she was out and all he got was the answering machine. Hahaha!
Contemplating the infamous Lemon Chicken
Discovering his faux pas
Fresh Fruits [Rating: 10/10] I had fun with this one…despite the protesting waistline.
We laughed and rubbed our obviously not empty stomachs. Then, we sighed. As usual, it doesn’t really take a lot to please me when it comes to anything edible. Aside from the ala car air freshener fowl, I had fun and I wouldn’t mind going back there…. someday.

3 thoughts on “Lai Garden Teahouse

  1. elmasahe says:

    Hi, i was just about to make a post about lai garden and I stumbled into your blog. I’m still new at this and I am still learning the ropes about blogging. Anyway I think I found a new use for my camera phone thanks to your blog.hehehe


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