A Splurge at Manuel’s Restaurant in The Parklane Hotel

Last year in September (sounds like a line from a song…LOL!) Vet, Ley, and I went on one of our “No Holds Barred I-don’t-care-if-we-end-up-broke-for-the-rest-of-the-month” meals. (Whew!) At first we declared we should try saving, then we opted to change that declaration to “We’ll start saving next month nalang.” Hahahaha!

When we arrived at The Parklane Hotel, we were so excited because we expected something Marco Polo-esque. Of course, we were disappointed. I think nothing can beat Marco Polo  in Cebu  yet. But at least we didn’t pay as much as we would have if we ate at Marco Polo. Well yes, Manuel’s Restaurant was still expensive but it was not so shockingly exorbitant as Marco Polo or Uno at Waterfront (which does not have food as many or as yummy as Marco Polo, in my opinion) Anyways, back to Manuel’s Restaurant. When we arrived there, the first thing that came to my mind was “Oh, it’s not as big as I thought it would be.” Then, when we looked at the food….”They don’t have as many dishes as Marco Polo’s.” But nevertheless, the food was good. Their pasta was really nice. The only thing that grated on my nerves was that I don’t think their food warranted the price tag they’re offering it for.

Will I ever go back there? Hhhhmmm… probably not.

My Salad [Rating:9/10] I remember I really liked those pretty leaves.

Vet’s Mini Fiesta

Ley’s Boring Food

Vet’s Spaghetti

My Ziti Bolognese [The guy in the pasta section was quite amiable. He even told me some facts about the different sauces, all of which I have forgotten now. Hehehe!]

Ley and Vet

Vet…I remember gutom kaayo mi ani na time. I bet Vet was ecstatic to have eaten something na when I snapped this picture. Hehe!

Ley… ga pa-cute

Moi [in B&W]

Ang ebidensya na busog na mi!

Shots sa interior

 [Sorry for the blurry picture…di pa intawn Nikon D40 akong camera ani]






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