Hwany Korean Snack

I finally got the place’s name right – I was afraid a while back that they might have a Korean name that I would not be able to spell right. LOL!

Jen and I have been visiting this little place in Ayala Food Choices (that hodgepodge of food stalls near the theater area) for quite some time now. I even think the servers recognize us now. Not by name, of course, because we don’t give our names when we order our food. But yes, they know who we are and they could somehow guess already what we would order… every time! Hahaha! Oh well, we like their food and so we don’t mind if we come off as predictable.

The first time we ate there, we were so excited that we ordered too much. Mind you, Jen is not really an eater and I could only put away so much. So we ended up leaving quite a lot of uneaten goodies on our table when we declared we couldn’t take it anymore. Quite predictable, Jen and I went home with smiles on our faces despite our bulging tummies that were also predictably in a lot of pain. Hahaha! Still, we had fun and I discovered a new haunt in case my tummy protests while window shopping in Ayala.

Itadakimasu, everyone!

My fave…Omelet Rice [Rating: 10/10]

Kim Bab! [Rating: 9/10]

Bibim Bab [Rating: 9/10] …but if you ask Jen she’d say “10/10”

Odeng [Rating: 9/10]

The famous Kimchi [Rating: 7/10] …this is not really my personal favorite… I can tolerate it, just don’t let me smell it too often…Hehehe!

*Note: We also had small bowls of soup, but they looked quite trivial that I just didn’t bother taking pictures of them. I even forgot to take pictures of us! Hahaha! Oh well, next time. I just wish I wouldn’t forget to bring my camera then.


8 thoughts on “Hwany Korean Snack

  1. lad says:

    You should try the Korean resto in JY Mall. It’s called Suzie’s. They serve very delicious food at very affordable prices. 😉 Even their kimchi is delicious!


  2. “is “odeng” made of the same substance used by chowking for their fish tofu line?”

    I have no idea, Ram…but it is made of fish daw…and it tastes a bit like tempura.


  3. “You should try the Korean resto in JY Mall. It’s called Suzie’s. They serve very delicious food at very affordable prices. Even their kimchi is delicious!”

    Really?JY is a few minutes’ walk from where I work. Wala lagi ko kita ana…hehehe… I’ll keep an eye out for that place unya. Thanks!


  4. ofw_cebu says:

    wow….lami ni dah, I missed eating korean foods, at first it was a shock when I was introduced to eating kimchi but after a while I get used to it, a korean friend normally refer kimchi as addictive daw….nice blog….


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