Manila Foodshoppe

My co-workers and I had this dinner over a year ago, but I can still remember how yummy the food was that night. Hehehe! This is one of the reasons why I vehemently refuse to believe that “dieting” works. We had dinner at a place in Osmeña Blvd. called Manila Foodshoppe. As usual, we ordered too much, and I had a slight tummy ache by the time we finished eating. Big surprise! But I didn’t regret a single bite I stuffed into my mouth that night. The food was absolutely yummy and the company was beyond compare. (This is a hint to all of my co-workers that we should re-instate our monthly payday dinners…S’il vous plait! Onegaishemasu! Pretty please! *wink wink) Hehehe!

*Note: My Sony Digital camera just got busted when we had this dinner, so I borrowed my father’s digital camera. Clearly, the camera doesn’t like me. So, excuse the blurry images. And…I will not be rating the dishes individually because they wouldn’t be accurate now since over a year has passed. Don’t worry though. If I visit this place again, I will post updates.)

Drum roll, please!!!

Sweet and Sour Fish!



If I remember correctly, this is called Garlic Chicken


Chopsuey… or is it Mixed Vegetables?


The almost always present Pancit Canton!


Juliet, Vet, and Ivan


Cheryl, Aileen, and Don2x


Cheryl and Edwin…sweet noh?


Glenn and Jenny


The gang…I think Vet took this one


Tissue Holder




5 thoughts on “Manila Foodshoppe

  1. Jean says:

    The Food here in Manila Food Shoppe looks yummy! I think you really did enjoy the food, hehehe as evidenced by the pictures taken :). This gives me an idea to bring my whole family here and I hope we will also enjoy it here same as you did!


    • Thanks for visiting! 😀 Yes, the food here is just delicious. You should also try their “birthday pancit”, I think that’s what they call it. It’s a huge plate of pancit topped with colored quail eggs, I think they’re colored pink… or red. Yummy! And all their dumplings are scrumptious, especially the siomai.

      They have a branch in Osmeña Blvd and another one at Parkmall Mandaue, Cebu. A friend of mine actually went to the Parkmall branch and he also has a post about the place here….

      Hope you could find out the yumminess of their food for yourself soon.
      Bon appetito! 😀


  2. emie grace says:

    im from cebu, and im here now in manila… wala po bang manila foodshoppe here s manila? i tried surfing the net, pero ala akong nakitang branch…


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