Khublai Khan

This post is like a month late. Sorry! But then I have an excuse! I hadn’t put up this site yet when we had dinner at Khublai Khan. Then, I forgot about it when I did finish setting this up. Hehehe!

Well, back to what I really wanted to say. — A few days before the much awaited Sinulog festival in our city, Ley heard that there would be a special preview of Sinulog for balikbayans at Ayala. And so, we went there to see what the hullaballo was all about. Kidding! We went there to take some pictures. But when we got out of our taxi, Jen suddenly had hunger pangs, which was a bizarre occurrence in itself. *Peace Jen! When we met up with Ley, he had the same grievance. And so, we decided to eat dinner first before checking out the “Sinulog sa Ayala” event. Jen suggested we try this place where you could personally choose the ingredients of your rice dish. You could choose the vegetables, sauces, meats, and other whatnots for your own rice bowl. Jen had been trying to convince me to try this place for a long time, and so I relented. We went to Khublai Khan located at the second floor of Ayala Food and Entertainment Center.

But before our food arrived, Ley had a few minutes to brag about some gifts he received from one of his fans…I mean, one of his site’s fans. Hehehe!

Ley and Satchmo’s new friend

Ley and the oversized T-shirt LOL!
Another oversized T-shirt
Hambog kaayo kay naay Aussie dollar
And now…the food! Yay!
Note: As these dishes were products of our own heads, I will just label them with our names.
Ley’s (Nakatilaw ko gamay kay nagpataka ug hatag ang waiter. It was yummy! LOL!)
[Rating: 9/10]
Mine (Ley’s and mine got switched at first. He was able to eat some of my food and he complained that mine had ginger. And I told him, “I like ginger.” He cringed. hehehe!)
[Rating: 9/10]
Jen’s [Rating: 10/10…This is according to Jen lang]
Itadakimasu!!! (I don’t know how they say it in Mongolian. So, Nihongo nalang.)

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