Iamik’s Chicken and Beer

A friend who currently works in Singapore just came home for a short vacation. She wanted to have dinner with friends before she goes back to Singapore this week, and since one of our high school classmates has a restobar, she opted to visit it before her vacation ends. Ian, whom we fondly call “Spine” because his last name is Espina, the guy who owns the place, was the one who welcomed us at the door when we arrived. The place was just the way I remembered it when we had our Christmas Party last December. Nice low tables with mats by the sides (by which you have to leave your shoes or slippers before you can sit on the mat – an idea inspired by Spine’s Japanese ex-gf Mika) with regular tables and chairs in the middle.

We talked for a few minutes as we waited for our other high school classmate, the very busy Mr. Ronelo Buhawi. A few minutes later, Ronelo arrived and we proceeded to give our order to the guy Spine summoned…(“summoned” jud! Hehehe) Anyways, Spine’s restaurant not having anything other than chicken, I had no other choice but to suspend my “campaign against chicken” for a while (You see, I’m not very fond of chicken because it gives me the “itchies”.) And I was not disappointed, not one bit! Having the “itchies” is certainly worth it if it meant I get to eat Spine’s yummy chicken dishes! hahaha

Chicken Sisig! [Rating: 10/10]

Chicken Tonkatsu [Rating: 9/10] Ga-boot2x si Spine..nahimong chicken ang tonkatsu…hahaha!

Chicken Boholano…if I’m not mistaken[Rating: 10/10]

Chicken Round #3.. I think [Rating: 10/10] …I’m really forgetful these days. Sorry!

Peachy, the financier

Ka-galang2x na Mr. Bankero…hehehe

Ian “Spine” Espina…The owner of Iamik’s Chicken and Beer

A map, in case someone wants to visit my friend’s place (I grabbed this photo from Spine’s Yahoo! Photos…Peace, Spine!)


16 thoughts on “Iamik’s Chicken and Beer

  1. hubu hubu man ni ang iamiks. hubu hubu tsinelas and hubu hubu sapatos.

    nice ang lugar ug barato ang beer, pero di ni mo epek sa mga naay allergy sa manok.


  2. celine says:

    Ehem…magsamoksamok ko Inday Line ha. I am one of Ley’s MCPB.

    Nice job you are doing here. Baya, can afford na gyud diay ang mga bisdaks ug fine dining no? Lahi na gyud kay sa akong panahon!

    Anyway, please advise your friend Spine nga Chicken katsu, which is a fave of my kids, is the name…..katsu derived from “cuts” (basin!) Mao nga tonkatsu means pork cuts.


  3. Hi!. Thanks for the blog. I’ve been digging around for info, but there is so much out there. Google lead me here – good for you i suppose! Keep up the good work. I will be coming back over here in a few days to see if there is any more info.


  4. Ivan Kirk Melendez Paraiso says:

    I have been here with my Family together with my sister in-law’s foreign BF. All I can say to their food is AWESOME!!!! The place is a bit noisy but you’ll never notice it when you start eating their dishes…. More power guys your food is great!



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