Alex Kafe in Argao, Cebu

Argao, Cebu…This is where I got my itchy and painful sunburn. LOL!

Before that . . . A co-worker invited us to cover a visual art contest in Argao sponsored by the town itself last Saturday, February 9. It was called Argao 400 … (you can check the link for more pictures). Anyway, we started out at 7 in the morning. (Well, it was supposed to be at 7 in the morning but Ley was late….again!) We arrived in Argao after almost two hours of riding the bus. When we arrived there, we said our “hi’s” and “hello’s” to Pikoy and his “kids” who were at the Municipal Hall. After that, Ley proposed that we eat breakfast before we get serious with our photo shoot. We asked the people at the Municipal Hall and they gave us directions to a local restaurant, which just happens to be one of the sponsors of Argao 400 Visual Art Contest…Alex Kafe.


My omelet was yummy! Bahala nag itchy! LOL!

Ley’s breakfast… Beef Steak daw (it looks like pork to me…*shrug) and Fried Rice (I didn’t get a picture of this though)

Oi! …dara ang Fried Rice ni Ley, Pikoy’s food…Longganisa and Plain Rice, and Jenny’s Mami

Ley: Pagdali, Line…para kakaon na mi! Gutom!

Pikoy drinking coffee

Everyone was busy with breakfast …where was I?!

Turned-off lights hanging from the ceiling

Alex Kafe’s table and chairs

Really nice place…Hope we could visit again soon!






5 thoughts on “Alex Kafe in Argao, Cebu

  1. beer-O says:

    hi! pwede mag-comment? hehe.

    woohhooo…finally, naka-adto na sad ko sa argao. lols! na-miss man nako ang fun before sa argao 400. good thing nag-road trip ta! 😆



  2. maria says:

    hey guys, i am so jealous of the thought of your having breakfast at AlexKafe.

    when i was there a couple of years ago, i was at the kitchen with alex and eva.

    come aug, sure i will see eva and will miss alex.


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