Payday Dinner at Gerry’s Grill

My co-workers and I had a late payday dinner at Gerry’s Grill last Friday. We decided on the place because of our foiled plans to dine there the other Saturday. Hahaha! And we were right to give the place another try. Their food was delicious! We are definitely going to go back there!

Hala-Hala Soup (But I really thought this shellfish is called Imbao) [Rating: 9/10]


Plain Rice [Rating: will always be 10!] LOL!
Baked Scallops!!! [Rating 10/10]
Chopsuey! [Rating: 9/10] I subtracted 1 point because it had shrimps…which I know all chopsueys have..hehehe
Suglaw daw! [Can’t give a rating on this one kay I didn’t try this]
Fried Chicken and Fries [Didn’t eat this, too. This was Cel’s personal request. I bet she’d say “10/10” no matter what. So, I didn’t bother asking her if it was yummy. hahaha]
We also had Grilled Squid [Rating: 10/10], but somehow I forgot to take pictures of it…huhuhu! It was yummy baya!!!
Ley, with one of his many silly faces…wahahaha
Toto: Sugod na ta!?
Uzi: Iisug sa ni nato…
Yam: Ngayo ko ana, please!
Glenn: Hhhmmm… lami ang sabaw! Murag sabaw.
Cel: Asa man to akong face powder ha?
Jenny: Unsa man diay ni?
Toto… trying not to look like he’s about to attack the food..LOL!
Itadakimasu, everyone!

9 thoughts on “Payday Dinner at Gerry’s Grill

  1. vetlongwalks says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… i missed this!!! actually went to gerry’s grill on that day. it was the first resto that came to my mind after the foiled plan last feb. 2. was there 730yish, so i probably arrived there earlier than you guys because i didn’t see you. haha, i ended up eating at tapa king + na brown.outan pa gyud [na dead ang ila electricity sa kadto na area of sm – dugay nibalik.] thanks to my busted and borrowed phone, couldn’t contact you because the phone would conk out as soon as i press send.. ..


  2. ramesh says:

    looks like these shots were taken moments after being delivered to the table… i guess there were no more shots because all hell broke loose soon afterwards 😀


  3. Luisa USA says:

    Line…. you must really have passion for food! How I wish I can do this but in states we have to constantly watch our ever growing weigth gain…..


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