Cel’s Late B-day at Chika-an

“Happy, happy, happy birthdaaayyy!” (sung to the tune of “Ave Maria” the song most favored during All Souls’ Day…kidding, Cel!)

It was Cel’s birthday last Friday, February 01, but we were not able to have dinner together because she had to go home early. Family emergency…kidding!…again. Her brother and niece went to her house to celebrate Cel’s birthday with her. And so, we were obliged to give in. LOL! Kidding again! Serious this time…We postponed her birthday dinner and decided to have it on Saturday. Cel…well actually, it was I who invited our friends/officemates to dinner at Gerry’s Grill in SM Northwing. Well, it was supposed to be at Gerry’s Grill, but then the place was packed when we got there. So, we opted to change the venue. We went to Chika-an instead, located a floor above Gerry’s Grill. (This is why having dinner at the mall is convenient. You have many options in case the first one doesn’t fall through.) The place was also packed and I got a little pissed that I was about to snap at the waiter when Yam stopped me in time. Me and my temper. I swear, this temper has got me into trouble more than half the time when I deal with people. There goes the explanation why some people believe I’m anti-social. Anyways, after just a few minutes of waiting, the waiter finally found and cleared a table (several diay) for us, way at the back of the restaurant. We had a perfect view of the parking lot from our table. Not that that was anything to be happy about. Hehehe! As soon as the few of us who arrived on time sat down, the waiter handed us some menus and we started the yummy roll call! Since we agreed that we will be paying for our own meals, we decided to order for the group and split the bill later. And we proceeded to order food that could have fed a couple of dozen really hungry wolves. But it was all right, since we really were hungry, and since almost two dozen people actually came. Yay! Even the constantly tardy and sometimes even missing Chin was there. And as usual, she was late! Big surprise…hahaha! Peace, Chin! The food was yummy and I stuffed my face to the brim, as usual. And hey, we had unlimited rice! Right? Not really sure. We’re not even sure who ordered rice. We were so preoccupied about the delicious-looking food on the menu that we forgot to include rice to our order. But the rice came nonetheless, and every one was happy.

So, a very Happy Birthday to you dear Cel! And according to the mad hatter, a very Happy Unbirthday to everyone else! hahaha!

Chow Time!

Tuna Belly [Rating: 7/10]

If I’m not mistaken, this is Crab Relleno [didn’t taste this because I’m allergic. Jenny did, though. And I saw her scratching her neck a few minutes after she ate them. wahahaha!]

Pancit Canton [They ate it all before the plate could arrive at our side of the table. :(]

Baked Tahong! [Rating: 10/10]

Calamares [Rating: 8/10]

Chika-an’s Version of Chicken Halang Halang [Rating: 6/10…It was yummy but it was not spicy, at all]

Crispy Pata [8/10…It was crunchy, but it was too salty, in my opinion]

Fish Sinigang [Rating: 10/10]

Chicken Something Something [Rating: 9/10] I forgot exactly what this dish was called. All I can remember is that this was chicken.

And last but not least, the main star of every Filipino meal!

Rice! [Rating: 10/10]

The Gang in a race as to who can stuff the most food in their mouths. . . Joke! Pagdali sa rice, Ley! Apsan na kang Glenn ron.

Still hungry!?

Yam, nasakpan! Hahaha!

The Birthday Girl!

Kram: Unsay tirahon nato una ani?

Jenny: Ambot lang jud nimo, Kuya Kram.

Dencio: Hhhhmm…murag lami nang sabaw.

Dondon: Asa man ako ani? Gutom na!

Vet: Oy! Murag naay lami didto ay.

Mana! Busog na mi!
Wala mi gigutom oi!
Yam, wala pa nahuman?!
Cel na-uwaw daw kay nahurot niya ang Chicken…Hehehe!
Vet, going Korean kay nabusog naman…Joke! Nice lagi diay imong hair dinhi, Vet. 🙂
Ug sa niabot si Chin na nahuman na mig chibog. Hahaha!
Moi, still eating! I’m always among the last ones to finish. Daku man ug kaon! LOL!
The Chow’s Done!
P.S. Cel ended up paying for “the whole enchilada”, so to speak. And so, “Merci Beaucoup, Cel!”

8 thoughts on “Cel’s Late B-day at Chika-an

  1. vetlongwalks says:

    Pancit Canton [They ate it all before the plate could arrive at our side of the table. :(]

    === haha, i did the demolition job on this! LOL!!! kept telling everyone to try it, but la ko gipansin… so ended up eating most of it!LOL [Rating: 10/10 and a + for the mushrooms!]


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