An After Dinner thing at Postrio’s

“I seem to be revisiting old haunts these past few days”, I thought to myself as I ordered Vet’s and my coffee at Postrio’s late last Friday evening. After attending a friend’s art exhibit at Turtle’s Nest; Vet, Jenny, and I walked to Ayala where Jenny could find a jeepney to take her home to Banilad. After seeing Jenny off, Vet and I decided to visit Postrio’s in Archbishop Reyes and get some coffee to dispel Vet’s nausea caused by the cigarette smoke she inhaled at the art exhibit. Seeing the inside of a Potrio’s shop again made me remember all those yummy muffins, cupcakes, brownies, and cakes I used to hoard when our office was still near BTC. Man! Those were the days! I wonder if BTC still has a Postrio’s. I haven’t visited that place in quite a while. Oh well, back to our late evening last Friday. Vet ordered a prettily done café mocha while I asked for a caffè latte. And of course, I couldn’t pass up those pastries I spied as we came in. *Huge grin* So, I added a brownie (I forgot the its exact name…it was “turtle” something) and a custard pie to my order while Vet added a chocolate brownie to hers. After the guy behind the counter took our order, I went back to our table. Vet and I talked about work and waited a while…A few minutes later Vet spied a cup of pretty coffee, and she exclaimed surprise when the waiter headed to our table with it. She sure did look like a little kid when the waiter said the pretty coffee was hers. Haha! Vet seeing pretty-looking food is always an interesting sight. Peace, Vet!


Vet’s Pretty Café Mocha

My Caffè Latte [Rating: 8/10] It was really nice but I’ve had better. hhhmm…No kinky rejoinders, s’il vous plait.



Yummy Pastries? [The great pastry chef Kim Sam Soon would be disappointed for the “turtle” something brownie (on the right) was as hard as a rock, but Vet’s chocolate brownie (on the left) was delicious. The custard pie was quite all right, but totally forgettable. They look good, though.]


Note to self: Go to another Postrio’s and rectify the “hard-as-rock brownies” incident.





3 thoughts on “An After Dinner thing at Postrio’s

  1. gz says:

    i l0ve this custard pie, very yummy ! and the f0od f0r the gods.. i love their chicken pie t0o!! mwah! cakes… the best ate n0rma!


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