Back at Bigby’s!

“Please, sir! I want some more.” Oliver said in Charles Dicken’s second novel, Oliver Twist. Man! I can certainly sympathize for I have been an avid fan of food for as long as I can remember. Hehehe! Seriously! This is why I don’t wait for my stomach to issue a protest before I go looking for good food. (My friends say that I don’t actually have any preference. They claim that as long as it’s edible, I eat it. FYI, I vehemently deny this. LOL!) And good food was what I absolutely found tonight – well technically, it was yesterday night – at Bigby’s! Vet was quite happy about being back there, Leylan was excited at the prospect of me treating him (again!), Jenny was just being Jenny and I was surprised to realize that I miss Passion Fish. The food was good, and the company was even better. (Ows!) If only no one were celebrating their birthday, it would have been perfect (The waiters shrilly sing to birthday celebrants and they offer them ice cream or something. If you were there, it would’ve grated on your nerves…or maybe I was just grumpy. Or maybe…if Cel were there and those guys could have humiliated her in front of several diners…Hhhmmm… Kidding Cel!) Well, my companions and I enjoyed our food – except for Ley who ordered chops with yucky-smelling greens on top of it. And as usual, it got a little hard to breathe before I stopped stuffing my face. Hahaha!

The Menu


The Harshly Shrill Birthday Choir [Rating: -10/10]


Vet: Where’s our food? Gutom na kaayo!


Jenny, hiding behind Ley’s camera


Moi, playing Tekken and winning…woohoo!


And now, for the “Pièce de résistance”. . .

My Passion Fish – Deep-fried fish covered in bread crumbs with tartar sauce…Yummy!!! [Rating: 9/10]


Vet’s Porky Steak

Grilled Pork Steak with pan gravy and mixed veggies [Can’t rate this one kay wa ko katilaw. But judging from Vet’s reaction, I bet it was yummy, too]


Jenny’s Grilled Rodeo Chops

Two slices of grilled pork chops with pan gravy [Rating: 7/10]


Ley’s Tsunami Chops (hahaha!)

A huge breaded pork chop with curry rice and some green leaves that smelled weird [Rating:8/10…after the greens were taken out, that is]



Ley with the psycho smile…hahaha




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