Chocolates and Birthday Donuts

Having munched on the last of the jelly beans from little Aedan’s birthday, it was quite a stroke of good luck that I was able to get my hands on something else to nibble on — a bar of schokolade and some birthday donuts! *dances a jig*

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Happy Jelly Beans!

Quite a delightful blast from the past, I got my hands on some yummy jelly beans last Sunday. How? Well, I was attending a kiddie birthday party — that was after Sunday service, of course. It was the 1st birthday of my kababata’s uber-cute son. And to my utter delight, their giveaways were these cute bottles of colorfully yummy candies! That was a great idea, by the way(whoever you are who thought of it).


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Another Nice Late Night Haunt

A friend treated me to some yummy coffee about a week ago … at this new coffee place nearby One Mango. You can find it just behind that large LED ad screen. The place is called Coffee  Bean $cent — and yes, that is a dollar sign. 😛

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New Fave Dessert

Just a short post… because I haven’t had any lately… and because I spied the yummy pic in my photo archive. 😛

Now, I had occasion to visit Max’s Fried Chicken last month and got introduced to some yummy confections. Clearly, I don’t often visit this restaurant. However, since I discovered these new sweets, I’m nursing mighty cravings of them lately. I may very well pop in again anytime soon. o.O Haha!

Anyhoo, here’s the delicious bunch!

Ube Creme Decadence [Rating: 20/10]  It was simply heavenly!

Buko Pandan [Rating: 8/10] It was yummy but not the best buko pandan I’ve tasted.

Leche Flan [Rating: 9/10] Yummy enough! ^_^

Brownie ala Mode [Rating: 8/10] Ice cream was yummy but the brownie tasted ordinary.



Best part of this bunch is that it’s not too pricey. Forgot the exact price but I do remember it’s under Php200. You get choices and it’s affordable! What more could you ask for, eh? 😛

Scrumptious Sweet & Sour Fish

What do you do when you suddenly find yourself with too much time on your hands? Experiment with food, of course!  And today, I managed to cook this dish for the first time. Et voila! Sweet and Sour Fish!

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Note to Self…

Butter doesn’t make pancakes moist. It makes them brittle. Geeze louise!

And too much baking flour makes them want to imitate a chiffon cake. Hahaha.

In short… don’t experiment with pancake batter if you don’t want brittle over-fluffy ones. *Facepalm*

But hey, they still look nice in photos. 😛

Valentines Night, the way it should be

… spent with people you care about… and in a quaint little treasure of a restaurant to boot.

Friends have been planning the dinner for weeks because we wanted to get together and catch up. And which better date to do so, right? So there we were trudging the streets looking for a place to park our butts in, and we find most restaurants were packed… of course. *facepalm*

Luckily, this cute little Spanish restaurant in Ramos was able to accommodate us. Ipar’s Restaurante Y Bar De Tapas

The place was also packed but they had space in their bar area and so we waited there until they had an empty table for us. Their staff was especially accommodating though. I liked how they were so polite and attentive to diners, even ones without reservations — which obviously included “us”. Hehehe.

They had such lovely interesting decor, too (which I plan to take more photos of when we visit it again).

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